• We will always qualify you in depth, ensuring the role is right for you
  • We are 100% transparent you with regards to clients budgets and your fit within the budget envelope
  • We declare how much of that budget we are utilising
  • You can negotiate with the Client Directly - Even for interim roles
  • You will be Directly Engaged by the client and you can use your own contracts or ours
  • We support you by offering our free accounts service - we want you focused on our clients needs/deliverables
  • We will only work on roles were we have been able to qualify the main stakeholder - and therefore understand their needs fully
  • If you hit a obstacle or challenge we try and align you with a subject matter expert so that you are not re-inventing the wheel

From inception we structured our model to allow us to cut out the inherent costs of traditional recruitment agencies to enable clients to afford better or more options.

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We are 100% transparent, and that's why we are one of the UK's top project management recruitment companies to deal with!

peer to peer networking

Did you know that:

Our Peer to Peer Networking works in two ways:

Only 20% of the UK workforce is actively looking for work.  80% are passive, meaning that they are not actively looking but that 56% of this group are tempted by peer to peer or headhunting referral!

Our Primary Goal is to find the best options for a given position, and most agencies do that by looking through and advertising on Job boards.  But the best people may not be on the open market, they may not be actively looking.

Therefore we incentivise our candidates to network between their peers and recommend suitable people for a significant 20% of our fee.  

Equally, if you know of an opportunity whereby you can introduce us to the main stakeholder (via email or phone call) then we also offer 20% of our fee to you. Please see our terms below:

The second and equally important value of peer to peer networking, is that for candidates on assignment, whether perm, intreim or otherwise, we use our candidate network to align you with support from subject matter experts.

Download: Referral Terms.pdf

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