Our direct engagement model allows for our clients to find the right Project Management professionals at a predictable price. Click here to find our more.


We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our clients. Transparency is what helps us build strong successful relationships with our clients and our candidates. You can see exactly how much you are paying us for our services.

Our tools

With access to 16 job boards and full linked in access we really do have access to everyone. We have access to both active and passive markets, so if you have a need in project management we can guarantee we can find the very best person, no matter the circumstance.

People choose Adelectus because we are straightforward, honest, experienced and have a great model for saving money over traditional models of recruitment without a drop in quality, pace or urgency.

We do not ask for any payment up front, indeed we allow two months before our invoices are due to ensure that our options are the correct fit.

We provide DISC psychometric profiling at no additional cost for permanent recruitment.

We have access to over 700,000 CVs in project management across all sectors and have access to all premium job boards.

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Direct engagement model.

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If you have a project, whether that be just upholding a service during sickness/maternity, or the implementation of a strategy we will find you the solution to meet your need and budget!