Cut out the INHERENT cost of Traditional Recruitment

Direct Engagement

Did you know that:

We normally have interim options on your desk within 48 hours of the request, fully qualified, referenced and ready to go!

Recruitment is an expensive and time consuming exercise, hence why many outsource this to organisations like ourselves who have the tools, skills and resources to do the job properly.

Our model has been structured to allow us to do all of the activity required, with all of the tools and the best people to work on your behalf, but to deliver the results with significant savings over traditional recruitment agencies.

We do this by cutting out the significant costs associated with finance when running a recruitment model, cutting back office costs and cutting out regulation that is avoided via a Direct Engagement Model i.e AWR (Agency Worker Regulation).

Our model has been tested within the Public Sector, HMRC, Private Sector and specialist employment lawyers and accountants to ensure that we are structured correctly to benefit our clients and candidates alike.  

Additionally, we are able to reduce our costs further if we have exclusivity with a client because we know our conversion increases dramatically because we spend significantly more time and effort upfront and build a relationship that allows us to really know what you want!

By using our Directly Engagement Model, you benefit by:

  • Having Full Disclosure of each persons desired rate or income
  • Save 30%+ over "like for like" specilist agenices
  • Ability to negotiate directly if you wish
  • Use your own contracts or ours
  • Have a fixed daily cost for interim's or a fixed cost for permanent regardless of your choice of candidate
  • Gain more choice from the market because your budget will stretch further
  • Save an average of £15,000 per year for an interim
  • No upfront fees, two months grace on our payments for permanent staff
  • 30-50% Savings against traditional agencies
  • No AWR increased costs ( Agency Worker Regulations)
  • Future proofed model for IR35 changes that occurred in Public Sector 2017
  • Only our model can save you the 20% VAT if you are not registered ( i.e. Charities)

All of the above benefits are delivered without any drop in quality of the individuals sent to you.  We are simply cutting the fat from the process to deliver a lean recruitment model.

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