For centuries people have traded one item for another.  Whether that was for a commodity, product or information.

At Adelectus we have strived to develop a model that people can be very comfortable in promoting and rewards people with a significant secondary income for direct or indirect introductions.

Recruitment business spends approximately 30% on sales and marketing, we, therefore, offer referrers ‍‍‍up to 40% of our fees in helping us find or fulfil opportunities.  We guarantee to save any company, costs over their current suppliers without any drop in quality of service. Indeed, we have successfully delivered recruitment solutions for ten years!

Our referral model is based on reducing our sales and marketing costs and passing these savings to both you and our clients.  If you know someone who will be taking maternity, or is likely to be long term sick, or aware about a new merger, project to deliver or costs that need to be saved.  

By filling out one form your referral is marked as yours and if it leads to a successful placement, you receive 20% of our fee.  If you know someone who can fulfil an opportunity we have, we also provide you with 20% of our fee.

Furthermore, this is not just a one off reward.  So long as you help us understand what initiatives, projects or issues are on the horizon you can receive all ongoing referral fees.  You effectively become our eyes and ears.

So for every permanent job, we place you receive 20%!

For every contractor or temp we place, you receive 20%!

Or you can sacrifice your reward and reduce your company’s fee even further!  ( Please remember that we will already be cheaper options to their current options).

Based on the Recruitment and Employment Federation survey, to follow is an example of likely secondary income and savings for your company.  You can download the report below, but if you look at section 3.3 "Industry Margins" you will find the average margins that we use below for our examples.

REFERRALs - lets trade






Assume an individual is placed earning £30,000.  The UK average margin charge is 15.4% or £5400.  Adelectus charge 11% or £3897.  A referrer would receive 20% or £779.40 simply for completing the form below

Contractor E‍‍‍xample

Assume a company needs a project manager  for an IT project for 6 months.  The Uk average for an IT project Manager is £400/day.  Agencies Margin is usually £120/day or a total of £520/day.

Adelectus charge a flat rate of £60/day for a project manager giving a daily fee of £460/day. Annualised that is a saving of £15,000 per contractor whilst a referrer would receive £1500 over the six months or £3000 annualised‍‍‍

Average Margins v Specialist Agencies

The examples used are based on Average UK Margins, and they demonstrate significcant incomes to referers and savings for clients.

However, specialist agencies actually charge more than volume agencies.  Adelectus is a specialist agency for Projects, Management and Executive Search and when compared against specialist agencies the savings are even greater.  i.e. Specialist agencies charge a margin of 25% for permanent work.

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Permanent Placement Example

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Download: Recruitment-Industry-Trends-2015-2016.pdf

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